Enhanced control of laboratory stock

Create stock lists for effective stock management and get access to the items you need.

Know that the items you need are on-site.

If you’re a Stock Manager or Laboratory Manager, you want to know that the items you or your Scientists need are available and on-site. Stock Controls give all users visibility of what’s in stock. Not only will this give end users complete peace of mind, but it will ensure there are no interruptions to your research.

Set reminders to track stock levels.

Set minimum order quantities or economic order quantities for your regularly used items. This is especially useful if you have stock on reserve with a supplier.

Create Stock Lists which match your stores or stock room layout.

To make stock checks simpler and more efficient, Stock Lists can be created which match the layout of your Stores or Stock Room or both. You can designate stock lists and stock locations for anything and anywhere. This makes stock checks quicker and more accurate.

Reorder stock through your ePO-to-Pay process.

When you do need to reorder stock, the process is simple. Stock Controls are integrated with your current ePO-to-Pay process.

Know exactly where deliveries should go.

If you’re in Goods In, you’ll be able to see exactly which laboratory deliveries should be sent to. This is particularly useful if you have multiple buildings or laboratories. The final delivery point can be easily identified.

Reduce costs of over-ordering.

Ordering items that are already in stock can be frustrating. It also impacts your bottom line. Goods left on the shelf could expire if not used. Space on the shelf may also be an issue. You also don’t want to be ordering stock when it is already on-site as this causes needless delays and unnecessary costs.

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