Advanced Control

HSE, Stock and Financial controls & compliance.

Our Advanced Control Module (ACM) gives you enhanced control over ordering goods, allowing you to focus on your core objectives.

Robust systems for stock and hazardous goods.

Working at an intensive pace, it’s critical to have robust support systems in place around Stock and hazardous items.

Track high value purchases.

From a Finance perspective, it’s also important to be able to track high value purchases.

Proactively assist how goods are bought and managed.

The ACM integrates these controls into your purchasing cycle. This gives you a single system that will proactively assist how your organisation’s goods are bought and managed.

Completely configurable.

It is completely configurable to your organisation’s needs.

Our Advanced Control Module has three key components;

HSE Controls
Configurable controls to manage hazardous substances at your organisation.

Stock Controls
Create stock lists for effective stock management and get prompt access to the items you need.

Financial Controls
Promote financial control and fiscal compliance throughout your organisation.

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