Barcode Scanning

Customise, print and scan labels in a single system. QR-Code compatible.

Errors in inventory accuracy can have huge consequences in the biotech and GMP manufacturing sectors. With similar packaging between products, and identical packaging between lots or between goods receipt numbers, it is easy to pick the wrong one. Picking the wrong product or batch can result in wasted time and money, or more seriously could render a final product ineffective or even hazardous to health.

Using barcode labels can have a huge impact on data accuracy. In practice, the implementation of a barcoding solution for the picking process can not only improve picking efficiency, it can help reduce human error to almost nil – reducing costs and risks to your business

Customise, print and scan labels all within a single system.

We can customise your labels any way you like them, including barcodes, QR codes and even your own logo.

QR-Code Compatible.

QR codes have numerous advantages over barcodes. QR codes can be printed and read at a size almost 10 times smaller than barcodes and can be read from any angle or direction – perfect for attaching to small products.

Scanning by batch.

Amici’s barcoding feature allows scanning by batch, linking the unique barcode to the lot number rather than the product. It also makes it easier to enforce FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and batch reservation. We create a unique barcode for every single label which can be linked to the Goods Receipt Number or individual issuing unit.

Easy Problem Solving.

The Amici solution makes it easy for you to scan successfully – with simple colour coding and clear error text. It will be clear where you have picked the wrong batch or scanned the same item twice.

Hold Inventory.

Block reservation or use of inventory where it is missing or where there is a quality issue


Search existing and historic inventory by barcode number. The Amici solution offers an easy way of tracking your raw materials should a problem arise. View the history of each batch including usernames and time stamps. From initial receipt and generation of the label itself, to picking and even returning the item to the warehouse.


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