Cycle Counting

Focus on your high-value and high-risk products: ABC-compatible.

The stock take process is familiar to us all. Usually, a full stock take requires shutting down the warehouse or working out-of-hours. Consequently, stock takes are often few and far between, or performed annually at financial year-end. Often, missing or expired stock is not identified until the stock take and can amount to tens of thousands in financial losses.

Our Cycle Counting software solution incorporates barcode scanning to audit inventory, where small portions of inventory are counted at a specific time – sometimes just 5 minutes at the beginning of the day. Cycle Counting has been shown to have many advantages over the traditional stocktake, not least of which is the improvement of inventory accuracy and early detection of problems.

Count in any way you choose.

Create cycle counts for dedicated locations, suppliers or products.

Focus on highest value or risk products: ABC-compatible.

Assign Count Categories to each product, enabling you to focus on critical products or problem areas, and count these more frequently. We make it easy for you to assign count categories with a clear report showing product throughput, value and spend.

Rapid scanning.

Our Cycle Counting Software incorporates scanning of both the product and the location. Not only does scanning add efficiency to the stock count process, it can help protect the cold chain when counting temperature-sensitive materials. Products often get moved around to make space for other items and often freezers are left open for too long allowing valuable materials to defrost.

Simple reconciliation.

Clear view of stock discrepancies makes it easy for you to investigate stock issues and make adjustments where necessary.

Report on count variance.

Track inventory accuracy over time. The software automatically calculates count variance by quantity and financial value for each product counted – enabling you to target and investigate problem areas at an early stage and put measures in place to address stock discrepancies.


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