Life at Amici

Purchasing and supply chain management for biotech organisations in the UK and USA.

Who are we?Caroline Briggs, CEO at Amici

Amici provides purchasing and supply chain management to biotech organisations, allowing customers to focus on discovering life changing innovations. Our easy-to-use software combined with our expertise and support, gives organisations the traceability and control they need, whilst saving them time and money. We are part of their team.

Our Culture, Values and Purpose

At Amici, our culture is defined and shaped by our people, who have a true say in what happens here. Our success depends upon fostering an entrepreneurial culture and we encourage our people to freely express their ideas which can be considered, debated, and pursued. Our values and culture are central to our success – these values are not just words to us; they are values that we live by. They capture who we are and the way we work.

It is incredibly important to Amici that people not only enjoy their work but also their working environment – we have a fun and engaging culture which we are always investing in to ensure that people feel a sense of belonging and happiness.


Life at Amici