Our History

Our story so far...

From humble beginnings, Amici is now the market leader in cloud-based procurement software for life science and biotechnology organisations. We are constantly developing our range based on the needs of our customers.



Amici launches with three employees. Our core offering is our ePO module where clients benefit from our buying power.


ePO-to-Pay v.1 launches. This included our Delivery module where Amici manages all order queries. This is the unique wraparound support that we offer.


ePO-to-Pay v.2 launches with the introduction of the Finance and Consolidation modules.


Our Advanced Control module launches, designed to increase control of the PO-to-Pay process.


Our Asset Control module was designed and built because our clients wanted a better way to manage their equipment. This launched in 2014.


In 2015 our long-awaited Inventory module launched which allows GxP and R&D customers to track and trace all raw materials.


Our Quality module was uniquely designed for GxP life science electronic process control and launched in 2016.


Amici launches in the US.


Our Sample Management module launched. This enforces GxP workflows for electronic inventory management of samples.


This year, Amici will be launching our People Ops Suite. Our clients told us they’d like to track time just as easily as they track their purchases. The module is currently in testing. If you'd like to find out more about it, please get in touch.

We now have more than 100 customers in the UK, from venture-backed start-ups to fast-growing publicly traded biotechs, some of which have operations in the US – and they benefit from the same unique service and solutions that our UK clients enjoy.

To find out about Caroline’s Journey to Amici and beyond, read her blog series here.

Amici is the market leader in life science procurement. Nobody else does what we do.


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