Combine your low-value POs to avoid minimum order charges and shipping costs.

Amici’s Consolidation Module allows life science organisations to combine their purchase orders and have them delivered together.

Avoid minimum order charges.

If you are regularly sending low-value purchase orders to suppliers, you may be incurring minimum order charges as well as shipping costs. Sending one, higher value purchase order, will avoid these extra charges – and they can mount up quite significantly over time.

Reduce the number of invoices.

This is good news if you work in the Finance Department. Less deliveries means fewer invoices to be processed.

Fewer deliveries.

A reduced number of deliveries to Goods In means less boxes to handle and less paperwork to process.

Our customers are enjoying the following features and benefits of the Consolidation Module;

  • Automatically consolidate purchase orders per supplier, at a time and frequency that suits you and your business.
  • Avoid those minimum order charges and shipping costs.
  • Receive fewer deliveries on-site which increases efficiency and reduces the administrative burden.

You’re in control.

There may be an occasion where you need an urgent item sooner. When this is the case, consolidation can be bypassed.

Case Study.

During a visit to one of our customers based at Oxford Science Park in the UK, we discovered they were having challenges with multiple orders arriving on-site on a daily basis. We added the Consolidation module to their ePo-to-Pay suite of solutions. Read their case study here to find out how this organisation is benefiting from combining their purchase orders.

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