Amici will make sure your purchase orders are delivered in full, on time, to the right place and at the right price.

We will manage your purchase orders for you.

The reason our customers choose our Delivery Module is because of the time it saves and the peace of mind it gives them.

If you’re a Scientist, you don’t want to be spending your time chasing suppliers to find out where your order is, querying issues about your order, or organising returns and replacements. It would also be helpful for you to know when your goods have arrived on site.

We will confirm all delivery dates with suppliers.

With our Delivery Module, Amici confirms all delivery dates with suppliers and updates you so that you know when to expect your order. If the item is on back order, you can plan accordingly, or, we have a team who can source an alternative product for you if it’s urgently required. Once your goods have arrived, you can simply mark them as received on the system, which is helpful for your Finance department so that they know they can pay the invoice.

We will manage any issues and complaints.

Amici will also support you by dealing with any issues and complaints with suppliers on your behalf, and we manage them right through to resolution. Our long and strong relationship with suppliers often means that we can reach a better-than-expected outcome for you.

We will resolve invoice issues for you.

If you work in the Finance Department, you have probably come across invoices from suppliers that have the wrong price on them. With our Delivery Module, our Order Management Team will work with the supplier to resolve this for you and ensure you receive a credit for the difference.

All deliveries are electronically logged and tracked.

Managing deliveries for the whole company can be chaotic when they arrive on a daily basis. Our Delivery Module means that every delivery is electronically logged and tracked. This can save many hours for those of you in Goods In collating delivery notes.

This is a unique service that Amici offers its customers.

Find out more about our Order Management Team.

Our Delivery and Finance Module create the perfect all-round solution to manage your lab procurement.

You Can Trust Amici to Manage Your Procurement

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