Life Science Purchasing Platform

Our purchasing platform is a cloud-based marketplace where life science organisations go to order their laboratory consumables, equipment and services.


If you regularly buy lab consumables, you’ll be familiar with having to place multiple orders with various suppliers. With our purchasing platform, you place all items in one shopping basket and checkout once. One portal, one process. Your orders are then shipped and invoiced directly by the supplier.

See also: Self Serve Module


With more than 18 million products available from over 8,000 suppliers, we are confident that the items you buy now, will be available on our platform. Not only that, we are free from the limitations of an online marketplace and can negotiate any product from any supplier for you. You’ll be able to see all products available from all suppliers on our platform, allowing you to choose the one that best meets your needs.

Group buying power.

We’ve been working with the biotech industry since 2005 so we have very strong relationships with suppliers. This means that we offer discounts on products that individual organisations may not be offered. We guarantee that you will save money by buying your products through our platform.

Purchase order approvals.

All purchase orders will go through an approval process prior to being sent to the supplier. Approvers and approval limits are completely configurable by your organisation.

Log when deliveries have arrived.

Let the system know when your order has arrived so that your organisation is aware. This is helpful for Goods In, the end user(s) and the Finance Department.

See also: Delivery Module.

Sourcing Team at your disposal.

If you need us to find you an alternative product, a custom item, or a whole build of equipment, we have a team on-hand who will source it for you – and at the best price. This is all part of the unique service available to you from Amici.

Unlimited support and training.

With Amici, you have a team of 50+ scientists and purchasing experts available to you. Think of us as an extension to your Purchasing Department.

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