Match invoices directly to the purchase order and export to any finance package.

Match invoices directly to the purchase order.

Accounts Assistants often have to spend their time typing purchase order details in to their finance package when logging invoices. With our Finance Module, that pain is taken away. Invoices are matched directly to the purchase order. Record all invoices in one place and export them to any finance package. No need to retype! This paperless 3-way matching of invoices is a popular feature of our Finance Module.

Know when goods have been received.

When you have a pile of invoices to pay but you’re not sure whether the goods have been received, our Finance module allows you to ‘request check in’. This prompts the End User or Goods In to let the system know that their goods have been delivered. When you know this in Finance, you can settle the invoice.

Keep track of invoices.

Keeping track of invoices can be a challenge. Knowing whether or not an invoice can be approved can be a struggle for Finance Departments. Have the goods been ordered? Is the price correct? Have we already been invoiced? When you log your invoices on Amici, keeping track of invoices is easier. The system will tell you if you’ve already been invoiced for an item or if the price invoiced differs from the price quoted. This gives you greater control of your finances.

We will investigate in-dispute invoices for you.

When there’s an issue with an invoice, Amici will investigate the issue with the supplier and see it through to resolution. Amici also allows you to see all in-dispute invoices at a glance.

Produce management reports easily and see all outstanding obligations.

If you’re a Finance Manager, it can be hard to see all of your outstanding obligations, goods received but not yet invoiced and goods ordered but not yet delivered. With Amici, both accruals and outstanding orders reports give you an overview of your current obligations.

Ultimately, our Finance Module gives you greater visibility of your finances and  financial compliance through simple processes.

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