People Ops

A digital solution for HR Departments and People Managers to track time and manage absence.

Through talking to our customers and building relationships, we learned that many of them did not have an HR system in place. More than likely they were a spin-out or small organisation and HR was the last thing on their mind. However, as organisations start to grow and recruit more people, the ability to track time against projects and manage absence, such as annual leave and sickness, becomes more of a challenge for Finance Departments, Office Managers and HR Departments. Many are managing this using spreadsheets and wall calendars. Whilst this can certainly help, spreadsheets and wall calendars do have their flaws.

In response to our customer’s needs, Amici built the People Ops Suite. This currently offers the following features;

Time Tracker

  • Log time electronically by department, project or cost centre.
  • Export a summary of time logged per user.
  • Report on time and costs associated to a project to aid grant claims, tax credits or cross charging.

Find out more about Time Tracker.

Absence Manager

  • Makes managing absence a far more efficient process.
  • Tailored to your organisation’s requirements.
  • Track all absence types from annual leave to sickness, to off-site training and home working.
  • Manage resource per department to ensure minimum cover is met.
  • Built-in approval process for leave requests.
  • Visibility of who is in and who is out on a particular day, by individual, group or department.

Find out more about Absence Manager.

Our People Ops Suite is currently in BETA. We would welcome the opportunity to demo the software to your organisation. All feedback will allow us to make further improvements to the module.

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