Uniquely designed for GxP life science electronic process control. Meets requirements of 21CFR11.

Our Quality Module has been uniquely designed for GxP life science electronic process control.  GMP operations need software to fulfil the needs of GMP and 21CFR11 as well as the additional inbound controls. Frequently, these processes involve enormous amounts of paper – and frustration! Our Quality Module offers the following features and benefits.

  • It will uniquely track your order from PO to full inventory visibility and control, and receipt checks of goods.
  • Inventory can be viewed across multiple sites according to what has been released and what remains in quarantine.
  • If a problem occurs, our Quality Module allows you to see and audit what has happened. It takes seconds to search for a particular batch rather than searching through reams of paperwork.
  • Having material status labelling linked will save you time. The system directs what is on the label. You simply print, check and approve.
  • Our Quality Module enforces expiry rules and encourages FEFO (first expired, first out).

The Quality Module is part of our inventory suite of solutions.

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