Sample Management

Enforces GxP workflows for electronic inventory management of samples from inbound to inspection.

A sample inventory has slightly different needs to a material inventory. We designed the Sample Management solution to meet the GMP requirements of biotech organisations. From inbound inspection to disposal, our 21CFR11-validated solution enforces GxP workflows for the electronic inventory management of samples.

Configured settings include:

  • Sample Receipt Specifications
    • Version control
    • Electronic approvals
  • Work Orders
    • Work order status
    • Manage associated sample inventory
  • Sample Receipt
    • Check-in
    • GxP status links
    • Electronic approvals
    • Labelling
  • Sample Inventory Management
    • Aliquoting
    • Temp-controlled transfer
    • Usage and disposal
  • Audit Trail and QA Reporting
    • Chain of custody reporting
    • Sample inventory log
    • Full audit trail

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