Get full visibility of all spend.

If your life science or biotech laboratory is already enjoying the benefits of our ePO module, you may want to consider adding our Self Serve Module to your suite of solutions.

Raise purchase orders for non-lab spend.

Amici’s Self Serve Module allows you to generate purchase orders for all goods and services – in addition to your lab consumables, chemicals and biologicals.

As a Scientist, raising a purchase order and getting it approved for non-lab and ad-hoc items such as travel expenses, contractors and stationery, can be really time consuming and often relies on paper and/or excel spreadsheets. With our Self Serve module, all purchase orders are raised in the same way. They are managed, approved and tracked using the one system.

This makes life a little easier for you and saves you time, allowing you to get back to the bench sooner.

Get full visibility of all spend – laboratory spend and non-lab spend.

The module also gives your life science organisation greater visibility and control of all spend – laboratory spend and non-lab spend.

Pay invoices more efficiently.

If you’re in the Finance Department, our Self Serve Module will allow you to track all spend and know what has and hasn’t been delivered – allowing you to pay invoices more efficiently.

The main features and benefits of the Self Serve Module are:

  • All purchase orders are raised and managed using the same process.
  • All spend is controlled through the one process.
  • Reporting is easier and offers full visibility of all spend.

Case Study.

Read about how one of our clients based in Cambridge has transformed their purchasing process for non-standard lab products and services by implementing our Self Serve Module.

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