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  1. A Tale of Two Purchase Orders

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    Welcome, Dear Reader, Let me tell you two stories
    One of joy and one of sorrow.
    Two Lab Managers and their dreams of a new lab,
    A “Lab of Tomorrow”

    The Sad Story of Scientist Steve

    Steve sat at his lonely lab bench, with his sad, forlorn frown.
    He looked around the shiny and sparkly, yet barren building, in this unfamiliar new town.
    This was the day he was to launch his new lab.
    Instead he was sitting around, feeling drab.

    Where was that brand-new incubator shaker?
    Or that -20 spark-free freezer?
    This catastrophe was sure to be a deal breaker.

    Delayed by two months, the answer came down,
    Just a day before his boss flew into town.
    If only he’d known a little more soon,
    Perhaps he could have done something, to make his boss swoon.

    He’d considered using Amici, oh yes,
    But assumed there was no need, he couldn’t predict this mess

    Steve didn’t realise how busy he’d be.
    He had no time to ensure his orders were on track.
    He was a busy man and time he did lack.

    The parts arrived broken and always too late.
    Steve’s complaint went unanswered, sealing Steve’s fate.

    Alone and empty-handed in his shiny new lab.

    Julie’s Joy

    Julie was so happy she could bounce with joy!
    Her brand-new microscope – such a wonderful toy!
    Her lab was packed and gleaming.
    A centrifuge was spinning, and Scientists were winning.

    A better launch day she could not have asked.
    A happy boss to praise Julie for accomplishing what she’d been tasked.
    If only they knew the road hadn’t been so breezy.
    Yet she’d made it through with the help of Amici – who’d made it so easy.

    When something didn’t go to plan,
    She could count on Amici to have it in hand.
    They always chase orders without being asked,
    And made sure it was in success and comfort that she basked.
    Whenever there was a wobble, Amici made it seem like a doddle.

    And so it was that Julie got her brand new, fully equipped lab.
    With a smile on her face and a skip in her step, she was feeling fab.
    And all without needing any rehab!

    How can Amici help you with your capital equipment orders?

    I hope you enjoyed our two stories.

    Here at Amici we are experts at handling some of the complexities, nuances and after-sale challenges you might face when purchasing large equipment for a new or existing lab.

    We have dedicated resource to pro-actively chase your orders and ensure you can plan by knowing when your items will be delivered.

    We also take care of the management of any complaints or issues that may arise, using our strong relationships with key suppliers to solve them favourably for you and saving you some extremely valuable time.

    We’re always here to help and happy to do so. So, don’t be a Steve (sorry, Steves!).
    Be a Julie and get in touch with Amici today to find out how we can help you with your Capital Equipment needs.