Biotech SME, Oxford Science Park, UK

Industry: Biotech

Size: < 30

Location: Oxford Science Park, UK


A small-medium biotechnology company moved into new office and lab space within Oxford Science Park. Having recently secured funding, the newly-formed team of scientists were raising multiple purchase orders daily to support their work and meet deadlines.

As invoices started to arrive, the finance team immediately noticed an excess of order and delivery charges as a result of suppliers receiving regular, low-value purchase orders from the team.
Deliveries started to become more difficult to manage with a large volume of boxes arriving on site.


The team required a solution that would save the organisation time and money without prohibiting the scientists from ordering what they needed. The solution would ideally be linked to the existing ePO services that are already in place through Amici (Delivery, Finance and Self-Serve).


Having outlined the challenges during an on-site Amici visit, the organisation has now implemented our Consolidation module. By digitally grouping orders together per supplier, the module reduces the financial impact to the organisation as well as ensuring scientists are focused on their core responsibilities. Mo more self-consolidating or handling lots of delivery boxes!


Amici’s Consolidation module saves the organisation more than £80 per month (over £1,000 per year) based on daily consolidation – a setting that can be adjusted by the client and could result in even more savings (financial or time), as they grow.

Amici has negotiated prices with over 8,000 suppliers. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the savings we make you. No saving, no fee!

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