Biotechnology Organisation, Cambridge, UK

Industry: Biotechnology

Size: <30

Location: Cambridge, UK


A small biotechnology company had recently left the comfort and security of the university and was braving the exciting new world of purchasing on their own. With university pricing no longer available, the team struggled to dedicate time to getting the best deal and the control around raising orders had been lost. The core focus is the science and making it a success – this pushes order and invoices management down the priority list.


  • A solution that would allow all purchases to be made, approved and tracked in one place.
  • Access to discounted pricing across all the suppliers they order regularly from.
  • Control and separation of duties when it comes to placing orders, approving spend and logging invoices.


Following a discussion of the current challenges during an Amici on-site visit, the company has now implemented the Amici platform as well as the Delivery and Finance module. The scientists can now access more than 18million pre-negotiated products and have the support of the Amici order management team who confirm delivery for every order raised, as well as resolving any complaints or order issues. Management can control purchases through the electronic approval process. The finance team can match invoices directly to the purchase orders and can easily tell what has been ordered and whether it has been delivered.


Amici continue to meet the client’s business needs and is excited to be supporting them as they grow and expand into a new facility.

Amici has negotiated prices with over 8,000 suppliers. Our fees are calculated as a percentage of the savings we make you. No saving, no fee!

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