From Supermarkets to Scientists

Posted by: Katy - Customer Operations Executive

“I’m trying to find this item, can you help?”

“If this isn’t available, what are my other options?”

“I need my order by tomorrow, it’s really urgent!”

“I think I’ve been charged too much, what do I do?”

Katy Robinson - Amici

Katy Robinson – Amici

Just a handful of the questions or concerns I heard repeatedly during my younger years in retail. I’ve always known that solving customer problems is what I love. Years on, and many valuable experiences later, and I’ve been lucky enough to develop my customer service skills into a senior role at Amici that I truly enjoy every day!

This is my story.

7 years ago, you would find me tucked behind the customer service desk of a well-known supermarket whose aisles I’m sure you will have explored.  While there were many shifts that passed without incident, there were some interactions with customers that really helped me develop a tough skin. Do you know what it feels like to have two bags of potatoes thrown at you across your workspace? Unfortunately, I do. Thankfully they missed. It was at that point I realised it was time for a new challenge; to join a company that allowed me to develop my customer service skills as well as my career.

Enter Amici.

Amici came as a recommendation from a close friend and I was delighted to start my role as Customer Service Assistant in the Order Management team. Funnily enough answering a lot of the same questions as above, but now for scientists who are working in the lab trying to find live saving cures! It didn’t matter that I wasn’t from a scientific background – my clients needed me to solve their order problems and do it quickly – my experience and personality (I love a to-do list) meant I hit the ground running.

Time for a more challenging role.

A short while later, and with two new colleagues in the team, I took on a more challenging role: Complaints and Crisis Management. Sounds daunting, I know, but really, it’s about understanding exactly what the customer needs; prioritising, resolving and implementing steps so the same error or issue doesn’t happen again in future. Staying calm and focused is essential! You know that feeling you get when you reach the top of the mountain you’ve been climbing – relieved, exhilarated, maybe a little fatigued, but immensely proud – that’s crisis management!

The world of eCommerce.

I was then given the opportunity to delve into the world of eCommerce with the goal of linking the Amici software with that of our suppliers to reduce human involvement. This was my first taste of project management. All teams involved met their deadlines. We achieved our goal and I loved advancing our efficiencies, but I was missing the customer interaction.

With growth came exciting opportunity.

2018 brought massive growth for Amici. We brought on more customers and hired more people to get the work done. After a conversation with my manager, this growth afforded me the exciting opportunity to be part of a new team at Amici, Customer Operations. We look after our customers from day 1 to ensure they are getting the most out of Amici. I was delighted to be taking my skills and experience, that I had sharpened over the last 5 years, and use them to help drive the Amici company goals.


I’ve now been in the Customer Operations team for two years and every day is a welcome challenge as a Customer Ops Executive. I implement new clients on to our website, support customers adopting additional Amici features and work closely with my manager to ensure clients remain happy throughout their Amici journey. Having regular contact with our client base is what I love most about my role – I’ve been able to develop some great relationships, and this really is at the heart of what my team and I do.

My final thoughts.

Amici brought me in and over the last 7 years I’ve been able to grow as a person and identify my greatest strengths. It just shows that you can make your own destiny; recognise where you want to be, communicate with your manager on how you’re going to get there and work for it!


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