Trust Amici to Manage your Procurement.

Posted by: Fiona - Head of Data & Integration at Amici

Amici provides world-class purchasing capability to the life science sector. Check out our FAQs to find out more.

In-house or outsource?

We know our customers are often under pressure with many projects. We take care of everything, so that you can concentrate on your business. Our software is hosted in world class facilities. Our expert team takes care of the security, updates, data and price management, negotiations, order management and account support. We can get you up and running with Amici in days.

Cost vs Savings.

Amici guarantees to save you money over and above your existing discounts. Our group buying power means that we have access to pricing that individual customers do not. We are delighted that every single one of our customers saves money by joining us. What’s more, we can estimate resource savings in addition to financial savings based on your current spend, so you are fully informed before joining us.

Are there limits in place for product range or supplier choice?

Everything is in scope. In addition to the 18 million pre-negotiated products already available through Amici, we have a sourcing team of scientific and purchasing experts who will find and negotiate anything and everything for you. Any supplier, any product – it’s all part of the service.

How does the provider make their money?

Amici works only for you. We are passionate about our independence from suppliers, in order that we can advise what will be the very best for your business. We are proud to be part of your team and act only on your behalf. Amici does not charge any suppliers or receive sales commissions, in fact like all great procurement professionals we have a zero-tolerance policy to any supplier incentives.

Order management and assurance.

Not only does our platform show live stock availability from key suppliers, we have a dedicated team in the background making sure that your deliveries are received on time and that you never run out of stock. Our expert team proactively sources alternatives before supply issues become a crisis, and we will set reserve stock for your key products. We even arrange for suppliers to ring-fence dedicated stock just for Amici customers.

Financial controls, process and reporting.

The Amici solution is tailored for each customer, with controls built up based on our many years of working with Financial Controllers and CFOs. There isn’t a control or report that we haven’t been able to support. The Amici solution can be used from PO creation, approval and delivery tracking right through to 3-way invoice matching. We have proven integration with all book-keeping software and ERP systems.

What support is available?

We are your best-in-class Purchasing Department. Only Amici provides complete end-to-end support alongside our PO-to-Pay platform.

  • Leave it to us. Our Sourcing Team of purchasing and scientific experts is constantly monitoring and negotiating all of the products you buy, automatically managing and renewing quotes.
  • We pride ourselves on our expert team. From qualified purchasing professionals, to life science category specialists with PhDs, we can be relied on to provide expert staff to fully support you.
  • Total cost of ownership is important to us. We negotiate free deliveries from many suppliers, and routinely manage complex negotiations on equipment to include sited delivery, consumables warranties and servicing.
  • Amici has an expert team dedicated to resolving all of your issues, from late deliveries to invoice queries and crisis management.
  • From Budgeting to Brexit, the Amici Team has built up a wealth of knowledge and experience over the last 15 years. Our expert team is on hand to support you with anything and everything.

Simplicity of use and separation of duties.

Amici will work with your team to understand the process needs of your business and will recommend the access configurations suitable for each member of your team. Customers find our solutions very straightforward, but you can be assured that training and support are unlimited.

How can I ensure continuity of service?

It’s no wonder that we are the market leader. We are well-established in the sector and have been honing our skills since 2005. We are delighted to provide testimonials from both new and long-standing customers, many of whom have been with us since day 1.

Will the solution grow with me?

From start-up to publicly-traded organisation, from procurement to materials management, Amici has a range of operational solutions that will support your growth in one single platform. What’s more, you only pay for the features you need, enabling you to tailor a cost-effective solution which works for your specific requirements. We integrate with all the major Finance/ERP solutions and more. We even have our own in-house Development and Quality Teams to build features based on your feedback and to keep us ahead of the game.


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