Amelia, Finance Director

It does everything we need it to and has made tracking holiday and especially working from home in these times much easier!

Neil, Operations Manager

The self-serve module has proved useful for keeping the purchasing process (Approval limits, PO numbers, invoicing etc.) standardised across items that don’t go through the normal Amici channels. It’s quick and easy to set up an item yourself and keeps all our orders in the same place, and the same format. I would recommend it to anyone who finds they’re ordering products that fall outside Amici’s typical range, as it keeps everything neat and consistent.

Giles, Vice President, Head of Medicinal Chemistry

The MyAmici Order Consolidation module has provided significant benefits since we implemented it; it has created greater efficiencies within the organisation with reduced processing of multiple orders and has reduced our minimum order charges and shipping costs. The flexibility of the system allows for business-critical orders to override the consolidation process ensuring we have the best approach possible for our business purchases going forward.

Marianne, VP Operations

A knock-on effect (with the Consolidation module), is that the scientists more often talk to each other before placing an order but mostly I like the fewer invoices, hardly any minimum order charge. Would I recommend this module to other businesses? Absolutely yes, no doubt about it. Especially if the company has more than a few people making the orders.

Rob, Director of Operations

We made the decision to consolidate all our purchasing into Amici from a variety of routes earlier this year. We came to this decision because Amici provides a standardised, repeatable process which allows us to procure, track and receive any commodity in the world. Using a single system, we achieved process efficiencies whilst also benefiting from the discounts which Amici negotiates with suppliers on our behalf.

Importantly, the standardised procurement process is simple to use and gives us complete control over spend and approval limits. Having this functionality allows us to demonstrate our purchasing process is compliant with the standard defined in ISO9001:2015 whilst also saving us a considerable amount of money.

Joe, Lab Support Manager

We’d been working on a new stock control system but we were still having to type in individual product codes leading possible confusion with products as well as being a slow process.

We organised our stock list into labelled locations and Amici uploaded the stock locations to match the products. We could then stock check directly into My Amici and add all items to the basket in one go. At Amici’s suggestion, we also added Internal Part numbers to all products so individual items can be searched quickly.

We can see live information about amounts currently on order and what quantity we have ordered in the last 12 months, it even states how many you have in your basket to avoid duplication of orders.

Lisa, Senior Lab Technician

All is going well with the stock lists – it makes ordering so much easier!

Mike, Director of Supply Planning

We currently use the Amici Inventory Module in both our US and UK facilities.  The module is intuitive, and easy to navigate, while providing a remarkable level of functionality.  The interface is clean, and provides just the right level of information for the users, without the need to filter through an abundance of detail.  The ability to customize is a great benefit.  And finally, the overall responsiveness of the staff is fantastic.


While working with Amici on our CapEx List for our lab relocation it was a great benefit that the best pricing was negotiated, agreed and ready so we had flexibility in our ordering. Often when we identified a need for something we could have it in the lab the next day.

Having a single point of contact meant great communication and updates – we knew exactly where to go for information or with questions or requirements. Amici had visibility then of the spend across the company which eliminated duplicate work and identified multiple purchases, leading to stronger negotiating power. We didn’t need to waste time listening to sales pitches. Contact with suppliers was purely on our request.

Overall, we are following a proper purchasing process, ensuring expert negotiation, achieving best pricing which was all in keeping with our internal process and ensures compliance for auditing.


Working with Amici on our one-off day-to-day equipment purchases helps us to save time and formalise our internal process. Everything is online and easy to use.

We are happy that our requests are turned around in good time and that following relevant questions and conversation, the options brought to us meet our requirements.


I had a very positive overall experience working with Amici on our Lab Expansion.

The amount of time it saved me was incredible. The process was clear and easy to understand. The Amici Team were readily available and kept me well informed and updated throughout the project. They were sure to make clear my options and spec available and to clarify my requirements – immediately removing any uncertainty and giving me control over the project.

We were able to purchase everything that we needed as well as having budget left over for extras – we were delighted with the pricing.

Deliveries and installations were well managed and scheduled and went smoothly.

Alison, Head of Facilities

Having a large catalogue of consumables located over a number of storage locations, it was very time consuming to track stock and order levels. The Stock List functionality within the Advanced Control Module streamlines your whole ordering process by reducing unnecessary stock levels and saves you so much time as every item has a unique location and economical order quantity enabling us to reduce stock checking and ordering to only once per week. It’s also convenient and really easy to use.

John, Chief Executive Officer

Having been involved in building and growing a number of Biotech companies, I easily saw the value Amici added. Not only have they delivered substantial savings to our company, but the IT solutions have provided simple, LEAN processes which help us control the business and keep everyone focused on our core objectives. It is great to know Amici offer unlimited support and continue to suggest ideas to reduce staff time and deliver additional savings.

Murray, Quality Director

We used Amici to support our financial planning and purchasing during the design and build phase of our Pharmaceutical Manufacturing start-up company and the impact could not have been more dramatic. Not only did we secure savings well in excess of our forecasts but were provided with top quality, professional service throughout.

Paul, Finance Director

The Amici system is flexible and easy to implement whilst putting me in control over spend. Overall it represents value for money – I not only make purchasing savings but I save the salary of a Buyer and the lab staff are able to focus on science. I’d highly recommend Caroline and the Amici team.

Christine, Accounts Assistant

We were really keen to use the Self Serve module because we place a lot of very specific custom orders. The Self Serve module enables us to record the spend, easily match the invoice to the order and integrate it seamlessly into our accounts package. The Self Serve module is now not only beneficial to the finance section but also user-friendly for the team leaders making it easier for them to approve the orders being placed by their staff.

Gillian, Operations & Biosafety Director

The My Amici Order Consolidation module has provided a return on investment both financially, due to reduced shipping costs and minimum order charges, and has effected time savings due to reduced processing. The system also maintains the flexibility to override consolidation in the occasional event that there is a business need to place an urgent order.

Stuart, Chief Operations Officer

We have been using Amici since 2007 and we would have no hesitation in recommending their services. While the initial attraction of using Amici was access to further discounted prices for many of the consumables we were already purchasing, we also found that an added bonus was the significant reduction in our staff time to deal with processing purchase orders, tracking orders,  chasing delayed orders, obtaining quotes for capital expenditure, dealing with invoice queries, resolving problems with products / suppliers etc.

I have also been very impressed with the way Caroline and her team have negotiated with suppliers to keep prices static (or obtain further discounts) in the face of many suppliers significantly increasing their list prices. This has been achieved by negotiating better deals with existing suppliers, recommending cheaper alternatives (products or suppliers), or by going direct to manufacturers.

Overall the Amici team have been a great help to us and they have enabled us to keep prices low for our customers without margin erosion for us due to increasing direct costs.

Rosheen, Operations Manager

We joined Amici at the beginning of June 2014 – and since our very first discussions with Caroline and the team I have been delighted at the exceptional levels of customer service we have received.  Everyone I have spoken with is professional and knowledgeable and most of all friendly and helpful.

Roughan, Finance Director

My Amici has been of great help in giving us control and transparency with regard to the purchasing process in a simple and streamlined way. It was a straightforward process to apply our authority levels, and we now have an accurate picture of what we’re spending, and where we’re spending it at any given point. MyAmici was painless to implement, and is painless to run – I’d recommend it to any small business with a need for simplicity and control in purchasing!

Tim, Finance Manager

The implementation could not have been more straightforward. A real plus is that there is no software to installation either a server or individual computers. As the Amici system is web based, all a user needs to start using the system is access to the web and their log in details.



Please note that we have excluded full names and company names to protect the identity of our clients. A full copy of each testimonial is available by request.