Why Choose Amici?

Think of Amici as an extension of your purchasing department.

We understand the challenges that face the life science industry and what it takes to set up and run a lab.

Ultimately, you need your scientists at their bench and your office staff working as efficiently as possible, all while getting the most from your budget.

We get it.

Our purchasing platform allows you to buy your everyday lab consumables, chemicals, biologicals and capital equipment through one online portal.

We’ll source and negotiate anything and everything for you.

In addition to the 18 million pre-negotiated products already available through Amici, we have a sourcing team of scientific and purchasing experts who will find and negotiate anything and everything for you. Any supplier, any product – it’s all part of our unique service.

Only Amici guarantees to save you money over and above your existing discounts.

Our group buying power means that we have access to pricing that individual customers do not. We are delighted that every single one of our customers saves money by joining us!

We work only for you.

We are passionate about our independence. Amici doesn’t bill suppliers or accept incentives! We are proud to be part of your team and act only on your behalf.

Amici grows with you.

From start-up to publicly-traded organisation, we have a range of operational solutions available via a single platform that will support your growth.

If you’d like to find out more, we’d love to hear from you.

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